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Webinar – Compound adsorption by different biochip materials

Webinar – Compound adsorption by different biochip materials

Compound adsorption by different biochip materials and the consequences on preclinical research


December 6, 2023 | Online

11 – 12 UCT +1

Organ-on-chip technology has enormous potential to shape the future of drug discovery and development. Simulating the physiology of human organs and tissues on a biochip reproduces the key functions and responses of these in a “mini-version.”  These in vivo-like systems can bridge the gap between animal testing and human trials, and thereby enable better dosage prediction in preclinical research. However, choice of the right biochips for organ models is critical. Depending on the biochip materials used, dosage prediction might be hampered through high compound adsorption rates and nutritional misbalance caused by the material itself.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

/ Introduction to organ-on-chip models

/ Advantage and disadvantages of different materials used for biochip manufacturing

/ Common issues observed with compound adsorption by some biochip materials

/ Desired properties of biochip materials

/ Alternative, biocompatible biochips with low adsorptions rates

Additionally, we will also host our very first “ask us anything you like about organ-on-chip” session. So, feel free to submit your most burning questions with your registration form.