Dynamic42 GmbH was founded in the spring of 2018 in the high-tech city of Jena and is currently located at the BioInstrumentezentrum on the Beutenberg. The still young company is a spin-off of the University Hospital Jena. We develop and market novel, three-dimensional, human organ models (so-called organ-on-chip technology) for preclinical research and development as well as for testing novel pharmaceutical products, chemicals and food additives.

Dynamic42 GmbH has specialized in the area of organ-on-chip technology in the integration of the immune system, which plays a significant role in the occurence of adverse effects of drugs and has been neglected in the industry and in two-dimensional test systems. Our platform enables toxicity screenings and ADMET studies already in preclinical phases on complex microphysiological models of human organs. Hereby we accompany commercial manufacturers as well as scientists in the field of research and development in the design and execution of preclinical studies.

In addition, we develop human disease models in our chip platform both internally and with external partners – especially in areas where there are no animal models.


Dynamic42 GmbH wants to contribute to the development and refinement of human, cell-based in vitro test systems so that they can reproduce the physiological situation in the body in a consistent manner. By using our models we want to revolutionize the preclinical phase of drug development. We are specialized in the physiological and miniaturized imaging of human organ functions (development and production of human microenvironments). Through the integration of human immune cells and the replication of blood circulation, we achieve a high degree of model complexity and functionality. With our chip platform, new, innovative possibilities arise to accelerate preclinical and clinical studies, to make human applications safer and to open up new product fields in the field of in-vitro test systems.


Dynamic42 GmbH will significantly contribute to the economical and resource-saving development of safe pharmaceutical products and product additives for humans. We see our overriding goals in the reduction and replacement of animal experiments in the area of active substance development, the increase of drug safety as well as in the creation and use of personalized human organ models. Our chip platform will make a valuable contribution on this.


Nancy Blaurock
CFO & Administration

Martin Raasch
CEO & Lab Manager

Knut Rennert
CEO & Research and Development

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Alexander Mosig
    Alexander Mosig
  • Michael Bauer
    Michael Bauer
  • Peter Loskill
    Peter Loskill