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The unique immune-competent Dynamic42 Organ-on-Chip platform enables you to gain a deeper understanding of human cellular biology in health and disease. It can help you to strengthen your pre-clinical data set, to perform target validation, to look into molecular mechanisms and to prioritize further developments.

Comprehensive, fast, biologically relevant – all from a single source

The Dynamic42 services are based on its unique technology to integrate tissue-resident and circulating immune cell populations into human Organ-on-Chip models.

We offer you our immuno-competent Organ-on-Chip platform to perform tailored fee-for-service studies. Our motivated, well trained scientific team individually plans the scope of your study together with you, sets milestones and criteria for go and no-go decisions.

Step by step!

Together we build up study plans to specifically address your scientific needs. This includes small pilot and feasibility studies, regular screenings, and extensive long-term projects.


We identify the optimal biological Organ-on-Chip setup for you. The great potential of the technology lies in the fact that individual biological and technical components can be easily modified. To achieve your goals, we make use of one principle: a modular cellular construction kit.

Dynamic42 Organ-on-Chip models

We offer services around our different Organ-on-Chip models:


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Unique biochip designs

We provide services to design and fabricate customized biochips!

Some applications or scientific questions need adjustments in biochip geometry or biochip materials. Our engineers provide technical expertise and support.

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to provide fast and accurate solutions with high quality.

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