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Dr. Japhette Kembou-Ringert joins Dynamic42 as Senior Scientist

Dr. Japhette Kembou-Ringert joins Dynamic42 as Senior Scientist

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Japhette Kembou-Ringert recently joined Dynamic42 as a senior scientist. Japhette is an experienced scientist and passionate about fundamental virology and its principles. She will help us develop infection models that support research into respiratory infections. Therefore, we are very happy to have her support our research team!

Pioneering Work in Molecular Biology and Vaccine Development at Tel Aviv University

Japhette completed her PhD studies with first class honour at the School of Molecular Cell biology and Biotechnology of Tel Aviv University (Israel) in 2019. There, she applied a whole range of molecular biology tools to characterize a novel Influenza-related virus, for which she also developed reliable, sensitive, and specific detection tools as well as effective vaccine candidates.

Advancing Antiviral Research: Japhette’s contributions on drug efficacy and infection models

Japhette then moved to the United Kingdom where she acquired a postdoctoral research fellow position at the department of infection, immunity and inflammation of University College London (UCL). Her work focused on drug efficacy of repurposed antivirals, alone or in combination, against respiratory viral infections such as SARS-COV-2. Additionally, she persuaded the development of an in-vitro infection model based on the hollow fiber applied to eukaryotic cells.

Working on the hollow fiber made her aware of how important it is to have reliable and robust infection models capable of recapitulating both the cellular complexity and anatomy found in disease targeted organs. This is especially important for drug development.

Here is what she has to say:

The robust organ-on-chip infection models being developed at Dynamic42 offer the opportunity to test drugs for diseases for which no animal models exist, in a sustainable and animal-free way - both concepts that are very dear to me.

Japhette now can apply all the knowledge and hands-on experience she has gained for the development of lung infection models using Dynamic42s organ-on-chip technology.

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