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Learn more about the Dynamic42 Academy Organ-on-Chip Class

Learn the skills to integrate organ-on-chip technology into your lab work with the Dynamic42 Academy. If this resonates with you, this blog will help you to understand if our organ-on-chip class is for you. We will give you a deep dive into the reasons to attend our course, what we teach in the course, and what past participants have to say.

organ-on-chip course map

From lab to lecture: a comprehensive overview of international organ-on-chip courses

A comprehensive summary of available organ-on-chip courses, detailing the provider, content and location. Organ-on-chip technology is an amazing technique to model human, physiological mechanisms on a small scale without the use of animal models. If you as a researcher are versed in cell culture, learning how to create your own organ models is absolutely feasible in just a few months.

Drug development

Introduction to drug discovery and drug development

In this blog we will provide you with an introduction to the drug development process from target validation to post-market surveillance to give you a better understanding on how new drugs are being developed.

The faces of Dynamic42: Georg Machnik

As an expert in business development, Georg enriches our team at Dynamic42. With his creative approach and many years of experience in medical technology and project management, Georg is a valuable addition to our team.

Practicing contemporary science: Organ-on-Chip

Organ-on-Chip technology (OoC) has the potential to shape the future of drug research. It allows the simulation of human organs on a chip, enabling more reliable tests for drug development.