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DynamicOrgan Developers Kit

The only kit you’ll need to build your own organ-on-chip

The DynamicOrgan Developer Kit contains all consumables needed to build organ-on-chip models. It’s used in combination with our DynamicOrgan System or a pressure source of your choice. The kit comes with protocols for a range of immunocompetent organ models and suppliers of respective cell cultures.

Application areas

Tissue Barrier Models/ Transport Studies

Immune Cell Perfusion & Migration

Drug Safety Profiling

Antibody Safety and Target Profiling

Host-Microbiome Interaction

Infection & Disease Modelling

What is included in the DynamicOrgan System

The Kit is available in two different size options, containing:
DynamicOrgan Developers Kit – small

10x Biochips (BC002)
20x 2-Stop Tubing
40x Connectors (Adapter)
20x Reservoirs

DynamicOrgan Developers Kit – large

25x Biochips (BC002)
50x 2-Stop Tubing
100x Connectors (Adapter)
50x Reservoirs

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