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EUROoCS Annual Meeting

EUROoCS Annual Meeting

EUROoCS (European Organ-on-chip society)

Conference for the global biopharma community

July 03 – July 05, 2024 | Milan, Italy

More online: EUROoCS

Meet us!


Anne-Katrin Bothe (Scientist)

Poster presentation:
A microphysiological liver-on-chip model for antibody validation in consideration of the FcRn recycling pathway


Dr. Martin Raasch (CEO and Co-founder)

Poster presentation:
DigiBoCs: A New Horizon in Predictive Modelling for Brain-Targeted Therapeutics


Sophie Besser (Research Assistant)

Poster presentation:
PDMS-free intestine-on-chip with real-time oxygen monitoring for high-throughput studies


Dr. Mai Hoang (Senior Scientist)

Poster presentation:
Human bronchus-on-chip model as a promising tool for Aspergillosis research


Tim Kaden (Research Assistant)

DSS-induced colitis-on-chip model to study the therapeutic potential of the secondary bile acid lithocholic acid in vitro