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Press Release | Biotech company Dynamic42 launches open platform for organ model development

Press Release | Biotech company Dynamic42 launches open platform for organ model development

Jena, 05.06.2024 – The innovative organ-on-chip specialist Dynamic42 is expanding its portfolio with the DynamicOrgan System. With this platform, the Jena-based company offers an organ-on-chip solution that requires no capex spending, works with established standards, and enables the user to continue using equipment they already have. Their Developer Kit contains biochips and consumables for setting up the organ models and allows customers to continue using their existing pump systems. Those wishing to newly establish organ-on-chip technology in the laboratory will receive additional suitable pumps within the DynamicOrgan System. The system, which fits seamlessly into any standard cell culture environment, allows researchers to create realistic human organ models and to study various bioprocesses.

Dynamic42 will present its new system for the first time at this year’s MPS World Summit in Seattle from June 10 to 14.

Organs-on-chip (OoC) simulate processes as they occur in the human body. The cells react in the laboratory “just like in real life”. The models can therefore help to avoid animal experiments. OoC models from Dynamic42 also reproduce highly complex interactions in the body by including all cell types involved in the investigated process, e.g. those of the immune system, as well as pathogens and organisms of the microbiome. The biochips used contain tiny channels, pumps and valves through which the cells are supplied with blood or nutrient solution. This not only keeps them alive, but also allows substances to be tested directly on the target tissue.

Dynamic42 offers models of the intestine, lung, liver and vascular systems each replicating an organ of the human organism. By providing human relevant data they enable researchers to gain a comprehensive understanding of processes in the human body, better than animal or 2D cell culture models. The findings are not only highly relevant for basic medical research, but also for the development of new treatment options.

“Dynamic42 is driven by the mission to push the boundaries of biological research and provide our customers with the tools they need to make groundbreaking discoveries”, says Dr. Martin Raasch, founder and CEO of Dynamic42. “With the DynamicOrgan system, we offer an innovative solution that enables researchers to create in-vitro models of human organs, diseases and infections with outstanding precision and quality.”

Flexible and cost-effective open solution

The DynamicOrgan product line is an open OoC platform enabling the user to work with equipment they already have (such as pumps), and use establish standards. The platform adapts to individual requirements thanks to their scalability in terms of the number of samples and tissue complexity. Furthermore, customers who purchase the complete system do not need to make any additional investments and can use existing equipment in the laboratory, such as incubators. The solution is easy to use, which is ensured by detailed protocols and scientific customer support.

Various applications and possible fields of use

A key area where the DynamicOrgan System can be used is the evaluation of drugs in preclinical phases and biomedical research. It can be used to investigate which transport processes take place at tissue boundaries and how immune cells behave during the development of a disease. Furthermore, the interactions between humans and their microbiome as well as host-pathogen relationships can be studied. The ability to simulate and analyze different infection patterns could have a significant impact on the understanding and treatment of various diseases.

About Dynamic42

Dynamic42 GmbH was founded in 2018 and is a spin-off from the Integrated Research and Treatment Center for Sepsis Control and Care (CSCC) of the University Hospital Jena. Dynamic42 markets and develops human organ-on-chip models/ microphysiological systems with integrated immune system components for research and testing of pharmaceutical products, novel therapies such as nanoparticles, chemical and food additives.

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Dr. Juliane Fischer

PR Management

Dynamic 42 GmbH

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07745 Jena

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