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First network meeting of the federal network 3R

First network meeting of the federal network 3R

Shaping the dialogue together: This was the topic of the first 3R network meeting by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which took place in Berlin on the 5th and 6th of October. Numerous experts came together to discuss current developments, perspectives, and challenges in 3R research and its transfer into practical application in Germany.

The acronym “3R” stands for “Replace, Reduce, Refine” and refers to approaches for improving animal welfare in research. The network was established by the BMBF in 2022 to bring together stakeholders from research, industry and regulatory authorities to work on alternatives to animal testing and to develop animal-friendly research methods.

The first meeting of the network presented a great opportunity for Dynamic42 to interact with stakeholders of the field. We took away interesting impressions and had numerous constructive discussions with other participants.

Our co-founder and CEO Martin Raasch was on site for us and part of the panel discussion on the topic: “On the leap into application: On Opportunities and Limitations of New Methods in the Life Sciences”. In addition, Martin was involved in the Ideas Lab.

Martin Raasch on the event:

“We had a great panel discussion (…) which covered important topics to advance 3R research. We also noticed it is a multi-layered field which needs further extensive discussion and knowledge exchange. I hope that this will be the start of a 3R community on a federal level that will help to adapt legislation to current scientific knowledge.”

The event marks the start of building a strong community to drive 3R research and its transfer into industry in Germany. More network meetings are planned in the future, including digital meetings, regional gatherings, and larger events.

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